Launch Day!

Hello there! Thank you for clicking on our blog. We’re so happy that you did.
So, today is the day that our main website, went live. And I can’t begin to tell you how exciting that is.
The website has been months in the making. Our business was born in March 2016 as an initial idea and big dream. Since then, a catalogue has been developed, products sourced and ordered and the website developed (after deciding to change hosts and having to start again) plus all the other bits and bobs that come with setting up a new business, all behind the scenes. It’s been hard work. Very hard work. Looking after 2 young children under 3, working part time and trying to build up a business has meant that life has been challenging at times. So to be able to finally show the world the results of all that hard work is such a pleasure and relief!
This blog has been set up to work alongside our main website. Here we’ll post product updates and things to expect, plus ideas and activities for you to  try at home once you’ve bought some of our lovely things.
We look forward to posting ideas very soon so please check back and join in. In the meantime, pop over to the website to have a nose at our range. We’d love to know your thoughts!

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