Nuts and Bolts

One of the brilliant products we sell for toddlers, pre-schoolers and early years children are our plastic nuts and bolts sets. The packs are available in 2 sizes and they’re fantastic for developing fine motor skills and hand strength, both essential aspects that help them get for writing when they’re older.

So who better to put the product to the test than my 3 year old pre-school age boy? 

I laid the contents of the tub out on our tuff spot and he knew exactly what to do with the pieces immediately, without any direction or explanation. That’s one of the great things about this product. He quickly realised that there are 2 sizes of nut and bolt within the pack, so finding the right sized pair is the first challenge. It takes quite a lot of skill and practise to position their hands correctly, position the bolt within the nut and then turn the bolt the right way to go through the nut. But with a little bit of time they will become quite skilled quite quickly. 

This activity is great for keeping hands busy for a while. My 3 year old spent a good 20 minutes experimenting with the different sizes, exploring which ones fitted which, making sure they were screwed in all the way so that the shapes met and expertly spinning the bolt until they were tight. He loved the excitement of a new challenge!

Not only are these good for strengthening hands, but they allow the opportunity for discussing colours, as the colours don’t necessarily need to match up; but also discussing shape, size, ordering, patterns and sequencing. There are so many maths opportunities in one tub!

They would also be fantastic for role play areas and building yards both inside and outside, as they are made of thick, strong plastic that will last.

I’d highly recommend these as an activity for any setting. And at just £7.19 for a pack of 40, they’re a bargain!

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