Outdoors Collaborative Art in October

It’s October. It’s colder, it’s crisper, it’s wetter and the evenings are darker. Playing outside becomes trickier as the weather is becoming more unpredictable and finding activities to do with the kids becomes a bit more of a challenge.

However, all is not lost! Painting is one activity that is easy to set up, requires little adult input (although supervision is always advised) and can be done both inside or out! Especially if you don’t want a huge clean up afterwards, why not tape a piece of large paper (or an old wallpaper cutoff) to an outside wall and let the kids create a masterpiece out there instead?

That’s exactly what we did this week. I wrapped the kids up in their old coats (new clothing not recommended for this) let them choose their colours and let them loose on the paper. Whilst my 17 month old was quite happy with a chubby brush, as it the chunky smooth handle allows her to have a good grip and hold on it, my 3 year old was a little more adventurous with some foam rollers. He loves the effect they give as they glide across the paper and best of all, each roller gives a different effect or pattern so there are endless opportunities for fun and discovery.

The effects from both are fantastic and both kids were really happy with their art. They spent about 45 minutes on their work and I have to say that it looked brilliant when it was finished. 

I’d highly recommend these products as ‘on hand’ items to pull out when needed at the last minute. This activity wasn’t planned, but I’m so glad that they had the opportunity to complete a piece of collaborative art together. I will definitely be doing this again in the future, perhaps on a canvas that they can keep forever.

The products we used:

Ready Mixed Paints:


Chubby Paint Brushes:


Foam Rollers:


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